help support the rebuilding of haiti!

My friend and fellow photographer Gary Fabiano was one of the many photographers who went to Haiti following the earthquake of Jan. 12. Gary recently completed a book, called “Fractured Earth,” that documents just how horrific conditions were in the country in the immediate days following the disaster.

While his images are sometimes tough to look at, they show the important truth of the situation in the country. Too often we Americans like our news (and news images) cleaned up for us, or we only want to see positive images. Sadly, this often leaves us with a skewed and undeveloped understanding of the world.

Gary is now selling his book in an effort to raise money for the many aid organizations on the ground working to rebuild and restore Haiti.

You can purchase his book here. I strongly encourage everyone to consider buying a copy, if for no other reason than to do something to help rebuild a nation that was devastated on Jan. 12.

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